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Improve your efficiency with PassFab Software

I had some quality time to use PassFab software and let me just say I am more than impressed. PassFab tools just come in handy when you need them most. They provide the efficiency needed in your private work or business. Let us take a look at some of the tools that I used


Human memory has proven to be very fragile, and it’s not a question of whether it will ever fail but rather when. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve forgotten the lock screen of your iPhone/iPod/Ipad or your iCloud account, worry no more. There is finally a solution, Passfab.

Pass Fab offers the simplest and most effective tool for password recovery.

Let’s have a look at some exciting things you can do. 

iPhone Unlocker – This tool will let you Unlock/Factory Reset a locked, disabled, or broken screen of an apple device without password or Apple ID. 

It also features tools that enable you to remove the activation lock, unlock your iPhone backup and a password manager that can save all passwords entered into your iPhone.

Passfab offers a free trial and a lifetime license of only Ksh. 3290 ($29.95). Here is a video if you need a visual tutorial of how it works

Screen Recorder

Screen recording is one of the perfect methods to share information that is on your screen to others. Presently, there are many online applications you can use to achieve your objective. Finding the best application is however important.

PassFab screen recorder is a feature-packed and simple to use screen capture tool that allows you to record your entire computer screen, window or even a specific area. Its user friendly interface makes it suitable to use for both professionals, experienced users and those who wish to perform the simplest screen recording tasks.

PassFab makes recording to be such a simple process with an interface that is easily customizable with styles. It provides a video output that is much smaller but 100% in HD saving your storage and at the same time giving you quality work.

Some of the worthy to note features about PassFab screen recorder include:

·         Recording without time limit

·         Ability to record your computer screen and webcam simultaneously

·         An advanced picture in picture mode

·         Can record both speakers and microphone voice

·         It is compatible with all webcam, microphones and speaker devices.

You can follow this link to download the application and use this link to get a guide on how to use it. The recording process should be smooth enough to meet your objectives.


As a student, you’ve probably wanted to convert your document from one format into another. PassFab PDNob tool provides solutions to all PDF document-related problems you might encounter, such as PDF to word conversion and vice versa. I highly recommend the use of PDNob because it’s available for all browsers. It’s also compatible with both windows and mac

One unique feature is that it provides 12 forms of PDF format conversions and file processing functions such as Split PDF and Merge PDF.

Its conversion takes minimal time and has a high document processing in superb quality.

It has a pretty straightforward user interface, and you can achieve your desired objective in the following five steps.

Steps to document conversion:

  1. Open PDNob
  2. Select the tool such as PDF Converter
  3. Select/upload the file to be processed
  4. Set the processing mode
  5. Click start for conversion to take place

Once that is done, your desired final document will be ready for download.

Kindly visit PDNob to access and utilize more PDF document manipulation tools. It is an online platform, and to access it, click on this link


PassFab tools are completely secure and won’t interfere with your device’s general performance. You can register and use them for free. If you like the products you can upgrade and there is even a 30-day money back guarantee.

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