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Streaming Wars

Spotify, a Swedish music streaming service and the largest in the world, recently entered the Kenyan market.  Much to the joy of many Kenyans. Boomplay, however, has been in the industry much longer but receives little attention.Today  we try to compare the two streaming platforms to help you figure out which is the best for you?

Why stream music?

Support the artists you love. Boomplay, with its focus on the african market, allows your favourite local artists to earn from streams.

Cheap. Spotify has plans starting from 50 Ksh per week and Boomplay has a monthly charge of only 200 Ksh.Both of them offer free versions but the ads can become annoying, especially on Boomplay.

Great playlists. We all love a great playlist and both platforms have a good variety to choose from , allowing you to explore new music and find the genres you love.

Unique to Spotify

Great number of podcasts available.

Available library of songs is unmatched.

Unique to Boomplay

You can find mixes from your favourite DJs.

The songs have a comment section much like youtube videos. 

You can download some songs on a free plan.

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